Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Dreaming of Dutch...

Een oude post met rambling over "BNTM", die ik nooit heb gepubliceerd - ook nog in het Engels! (tja, een fles witte wijn en mijn engels wordt direct veel beter, haha)

Dreaming of Dutch... Models that is. Don't know why I am writing in English, oh well... ^_____^ Because I can, nyanyanya!
So I watched the re-run of Benelux Next Top Model yesterday and it had struck me yet again - we are one cycle further and there is still no real supermodel potential in the finals.
Please let me explain what I mean with real models or real supermodels. Though I have no connections whatsoever to the fashion world and do not pretend to know all the details I still have a clear idea what a model should be in my own imaginary little world. A model is a mannequin, an empty canvas on which the Artist can draw anything he wants to. She should not be too beautiful because it would draw the attention away from the garments and she should be slim enough to be able to wear anything and make it look good. Supermodels (or should I say Top Models, as nobody deserves this title but "The Big Six") on the other hand win us over with their personalities, some with ferocious sex-appeal and some with a cameleon-like diversity or infinite cuteness. They are not just absurdly beautiful, each of them has her own little feature (like Cindy Crawford's beauty mark ^^) that makes me stare at their faces forever. And they can do virtually anything, walk, editorials, commercials... That's what I expect from top models.
That brings back us to our dutch heritage. I will not go further into the already famous models from the Low Lands. And I know that BNTM is not really about modelling but about media PR just as its american counterpart is, but I don't believe that there are no better looking girls in the Netherlands and Belgium then this. No, no, there are very pretty but they fall completely out of trend. Mermaids rule the catwalk these days, ethereal non-earthly creatures with long blond hair, big eyes, high cheekbones. Or she-wolfs - fierce and sleek (can I still have high cheekbones to go with my fries? ^^)! And the BTNM finals give us two cutie-cute types (Alix and Marjolein) and two lingerie-girls (Melissa and Renee) all for of them being too commercial in my humble opinion. I really hope I am wrong and that these girls will dominate fashion stage in the future but so far I don't see a Top model in either of them. Would understand it better if the show was called "Benelux Next Teen Vogue Model" though. Shall I summarize what have become of the winners so far? Sanne from cycle one (when the show was called Holland's Next Top Model) was only one coming close to looking like top model, despite her weird motor skills. She has won a Ford Supermodel of the World competition, but doesn't model anymore. Kim is now more of a media persona and I have not really heard from the others so far. Then we have Sylvia, a sexy diva that has finished second to Sanne, whom I would love to see walking for Victoria Secret! The real winner from Holland's Next Top Model was Patricia (see pics below) who unfortunately have finished fourth in the competition but is now walking for the major brands and doing editorials for Vogue. Hmmm... As you can see, not much for a country filled with tall blond blue-eyed girls! And for whom will I be cheering next week? My vote goes to Marjolein, the quirky Belgie, just because I can relate to her love for parties and booze ^______^
And something for desert ^__________^

Doutzen Kroes, editorial zeit! ^________^


Patricia van der Vliet, finished fourth in Holland's Next Top Model



  1. Tsja toch jammer dat ze niet ver komen. Je zou toch wel wat verwachten van zo'n programma.

  2. Mmmmm...
    ik weet het niet, volgens mij gaat het puur om PR en niet alle jonge meiden kunnen tegen roem en faam =(